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You normally don’t get much for free these days. Time is usually only monetized when you clock in and work for someone else. I want to share with you today a way you can be home with your family making profitable searches for free. You will have a simple introduction to the tools available to you today to start making money in your spare time online.

I’m talking about the Zen Arbitrage cost, and how you invest your short time for long term money.


Zen Arbitrage cost, How much?Zen Arbitrage Free Trial

You can search the internet for so many courses, so what makes Zen Arbitrage different?

You should be REALLY EXCITED, because the cost is FREE during the trial!

Starting something new can be intimidating when it comes with a large price. I’ve done my fair share of those

with little to show for it. All the hopes of making it big when going big.

You have FULL ACCESS to the software to analyze books, and while you search you can Get paid by using the Marketplace available. Either way you choose, the trial allows you to make money online.

Choosing Zen over other software

You will definitely find other programs out there with a free trial as well, so why Zen? 

Zen Arbitrage was the first. The original software that was designed by Peter Valley and Zen has been mimicked -details here- by others because the power within the development is so great. (I was scammed by Textbook Money, and I’m so glad I found Zen)

Amazon shares most of the data they collect, but NOT ALL, and the database within the software has SO MUCH MORE OPPORTUNITY. I was able to find more books using Zen Arbitrage, and the information was made simple with the layout of the searching platform.

The training never ends either. You have FULL ACCESS HERE to all the videos available, interviews recorded with people making 6 figures reselling used books on Amazon, and total support that has a quick response within a few hours. I never had to wait too long for support to get back to me.

When you sign up

You can easily sign up with your email and make an account. Peter Valley will have extensive training for you when you’re done signing up.

The quick start videos are a fast way to get the information you need and start finding books and get paid today.

The different ways you can make money within the program are lined across the top, and you can get training on those as well. The quick start training still covers almost everything so you won’t have to look too far.

Searching after the brief training

You will have a great idea of how finding profitable books work and the opportunity within it. Books and opportunities change every day, so there will always be new profits available.

Searching for books is easy after a few practices, and the importance of optimizing your filters for specific results. I mean, unless you want to sift through millions of books.

Three filters to narrow searches:

Title- When you apply this filter any book with that keyword in the title will appear in the results.

ISBN- The ISBN is unique to every book, and this was great for me to analyze the books I already had lying around my house.

Publisher- You can use this to find specific books by a single publisher. This is great when looking for textbooks.

There is a great option on the lower right-hand side to save the filters as is, so that way you can quickly get back to the results and continue analyzing the books you found before. Remember that books change CONSTANTLY, so the saved lists may benefit you for a couple days, but be sure to just try new things with the software.

Gold-mining more profits:

Price used- This is where you can find profitable books that are within your budget.

Amazon price- The price that Amazon is selling for at the moment, sometimes you will even find gems where there is NO Amazon price.

Average Rank- SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT filter! This is where you can narrow results based on how fast you want to turn the book into cash.

I use these filters the most along my journey with Zen Arbitrage. I don’t always buy the profitable books I find during my searches, but I do still get paid for the searches.

List on market place- Great option to list the ISBN for sale, if the book doesn’t fit your criteria. Members love having research done for them so they can focus more on other things. People list ISBN between $1-$10, and you get paid directly to your PayPal.

Profitable Searching

In conclusion, Zen Arbitrage is well worth the FREE INTRODUCTION. You can simply cancel if you find the software just isn’t for you.Zen Arbitrage Free Trial

Finding profitable books has never been easier, and making money on searches has not been more profitable.

Zen Arbitrage offers MANY ways to make money online without the huge start up investment. If you are interested in See what people have to say and you can Simply watch the YouTube reviews HERE.

I really hope you found this helpful to start your own online business today. The FREE TRIAL will allow you to make money even as a beginner. I have found other competitors shady with my experience in the past, and joining the Zen family felt just like home.

Best wishes in all your successes!


11 thoughts on “Zen Arbitrage Cost- START TODAY FREE

  1. Great information! I’m curious how much income this venture brings you. But it must be successful if you are spreading the word. I will make sure to look into it. Thanks!

  2. Great question! I provided links within to YouTube videos of others doing the exact same thing, as well as links to the scams I was talking about. (people who are trying to duplicate Peter’s software).
    My personal success has been more in the marketplace, because the books I’m selling are ones I’ve had around the house. It’s been about two weeks since I’ve sent my books in to Amazon. Amazon sorts them and gives them their own sticker, so it’s a longer process when not using a prep service. Also the historical ranks of the books are pretty high, so I’m in this for the long term. My money that I’ve made while on the free trial has been $60 to my PayPal (after PayPal took their piece), and it’s been almost an addiction for me to search for books! I really enjoy the easy process and getting money for searches I was doing anyways. Once I get $100 I will be able to invest more into new books to buy, send for prep, and list on Amazon.
    Please do! I think you’ll really like what you found!
    Best Regards,

    1. Was this is something entirely new! I love books and have a lot of them. I have recently decided that I will sell the ones I won’t read again. Thank you for sharing, I will check out the Zen arbitrage.

  3. Hello Amber,
    I am so interested in Zen Arbitrage now!!
    I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never heard of it before.
    I have a lot of books laying around that I won’t read anymore, some are even hardbacks and by well known authors.
    From reading one of your previous responses, it sounds like you are really having success with Zen. Congratulations for that!
    I love hearing about other people’s success! It encourages me to keep trying new things.
    I’ve been blogging now for about 1 1/2 years for my business niche in Diet, Health, & Fitness ( https://mymuffintopbellyfix.com ).
    I haven’t made enough money worth talking about yet, but my traffic is starting to pick up now.
    I could really use the extra income while I’m struggling to build my business.
    This sounds perfect for me and easy! I like that they have a free trial.
    I have bookmarked your site and the link you shared for the trial. I’ll check it out very soon!
    Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful find!
    Best wishes,

    1. Absolutely! Thanks for reaching out, and I’m very glad you found this valuable! I love having options with the books that I already own, THE FREE TRIAL, and the ability to make money without putting money in initially if I don’t want to. It makes it easy to network with people who buy from you in the Marketplace and set up clients. I just scored my first one today! So now I have income monthly to help other people while I build my business.
      Oh, You will really love it! Peter has a great personality while doing videos, and his jokes may not always be that funny, but he really knows how to get you joyful laughing -if that makes sense-. I really admire his ability to not really feel embarrassed when he’s down to Earth and rolls with it. He’s really great to work with.
      Let me know how it goes!

  4. Thanks for the fast response!
    Peter sounds like he would be easy to listen to. I like the fact that he has a good sense of humor. It makes it easier to follow and less likely to get bored.
    I will certainly let you know how it goes. I have so much to do right now with my own site, but this really sounds like it’s worth making time for.
    Again, I really appreciate your honesty in this review and for getting back to me. 🙂
    That says a lot about the type of person you are!
    Best of luck,

  5. Have to say not heard of Zen Arbitrage but thanks Amber for sharing this information for this curious how the money aspect of this interesting something to look into.

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