Selling Used Books Online- Zen Arbitrage Explained

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There is a new craze out there that makes it simple to resell used books online, called Zen Arbitrage. I came across Zen Arbitrage, the original online used book arbitrage, where you look for used books online.

Various sellers have cheap books, and you relist them for sale on Amazon Prime.  The demand for books is there, so why not resell your used books for profit?

My home library had books that I wasn’t reading anymore, and I decided to resell my books on Amazon Prime, instead of getting pennies for a perfectly used books.

How to start selling used books online

Anything new can have its moments of skepticism, and that’s why I recommend checking out some reviews just like I initially did. Once you see how simple the Zen Arbitrage system works, you can always test it out on the 14-day free trial. The quick start has about 6-7 videos to watch. If you prefer reading instead of visuals, there is plenty of archived information to fill your heart’s desire. I personally preferred the videos and taking my own notes.

Assessing before you buy and sell

You learn how to set search options in Zen Arbitrage. Think of your goals for your online business. Peter Valley has some great videos about how to turn $50 into $1000s, and explains how that is achieved through what he calls “cash compounding”. I absolutely enjoyed that video!

Identifying profit is made simple with the software. Again, Be mindful of your online business budget. I found it super helpful to keep in mind how quickly I needed an investment (used book) to sell, or if I was willing to wait for a higher ROI (return on investment).

Options with buying your books are pretty unlimited with the online software. Elaborating, You have a couple ways to do this. The Marketplace (where I started as a newbie to practice research) is a great place to find ISBN for people with limited time to purchase for the price you ask, which pays you through PayPal, so you can build a fund for the used books to resell.

Converting inventory to Fulfilled By Amazon is easily done two ways. I preferred to send my books to a prep service, where they receive, label, list, and ship into an Amazon fulfillment center. I tried having the books sent to me personally, which does increase profits $1 a book, but the process was stressful for me as a newbie. Outsourcing the work was a great way to not have to even touch or see a book. Prep centers usually cost around a $1-$2 per book. You always have support, so don’t be shy in using it. Repricing Every day to ONCE PER WEEK is detrimental to your success!

Repeat the process! That’s it! Eventually once you get the process down, Peter explains in detail how you can outsource the work, and that’s when it becomes super passive, your money will be working to get you more money.

Online ISBN Marketplace

During my adventure with Zen, I found the Marketplace to be very fun! I learned how to set various search options, how to categorize books, analyze used books for profit, and made money on the free trial!

My business started out on a very small budget, so the practice of analyzing the data before purchase, and putting ISBN in the marketplace made me money while doing the searches I was already doing.

Members on there don’t always have the time to do research, so there is always a demand for ISBN. At first, I never thought they would sell, then the first sale came in, and then the sales came in more often (all directly to my PayPal account).

Zen Arbitrage makes it easy to sell used books for profit

You can start the program on a free trial, complete quick start training, have access to fast support, and search options to find profitable books in either researching criteria or browsing the Marketplace.

I used the program to find books, outsourced what I wanted, and sold used books online for profit. I was skeptic at first, so I watched some videos on YouTube for more information!

Everyone has to start somewhere to get anywhere. Creative people interested in making money online sign up for programs like Zen Arbitrage with a free trial, so you can check it out for yourself. Don’t forget to watch all the reviews on Youtube.

Best wishes in all your online successes!


5 thoughts on “Selling Used Books Online- Zen Arbitrage Explained

  1. Thank you for this thoughtful post! I have so many used books at home it’s not even funny! I will have to check Zen out! I’m a huge reader, and appreciate that there are sites out there just for this!

  2. Yay! Another Bookworm!
    I’m really glad you found this post as well, because it actually creates value for your book again. I’m sure you’ve experienced going to Half Priced Books or something similar where they offer to buy back your books? I remember the moment I decided to just lug my wonderful books with me, and that was when I boxed up about 30 of my books from home and went to sell them and they only wanted to pay $5.. Yes! $5. I should’ve just walked out of there with my books, but ironically I used the $5 to pay towards the new book. Vicious cycle for a book lover, when kindle has become so popular I could have just downloaded it. Eeek! I know, I know. I still buy paper books because I LOVE the feel of flipping the pages! Lol
    Let me know how it goes!
    Best Regards,

  3. Thank you Amber for this useful information.I am glad i came by this article. I didnk know such a thing existed lol. I roam around garage sales looking for good reads and i also have a pile up of books which i dispose off the same way. I will certainly check out zen so i can do that in the comfort of my couch 😉

  4. Wow, this post is a real eye-opener. Never knew this existed. Selling used books online sounds like a great idea. My brother and will have to check out Zen Arbitrage and give it a go.
    Thanks a lot for bringing it to our attention!

  5. I’m an avid reader and haven’t decided to sell my books. But, it looks like an easy process if one decides to sell. Thanks for the post. Very informative.

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