How does Wealthy Affiliate really work- Make profit with websites

I’m here to explain my journey within the WA family community and why I belive it works. First I wondered how would Wealthy Affiliate really work for me, and signing up for the free trial showed me. Wealthy Affiliate really works for making profit online with websites.

Extensive training on free trial

The WA program was easy to sign up for and so worth the free trial, because they have extensive training available for the newbees to making money online.

The first section goes into a detailed overview of the method of affiliate marketing and website building online.

The sessions progress into how to build your website from scratch, create a free domain site identity, how to do effective research to get discovered on the big search engines, and learn how to effectively monetize your work. These skills usually cost way more anywhere else, and you can use the skills you learn on the free trial to freelance in another market. You have nothing to lose while trialing it for free.

Full access to a helpful community

Doing something new can be very challenging and scary, but always having the support to lift you up and guide you increases your chance for success. I have made new friends through this process, they are always ready to help when I feel like I am in a rut, and brainstorm a good solution to my problem.

The search bar within the dashboard allows you to search any questions, training, videos, or to simply ask a specific question you may have through the journey. People who have been with the program for awhile have been through a variety of different situations and eagerly offer simple advice on what to do.

Members are rewarded for being proactive within the community.

You can find neither valuable feedback nor comments on your website anywhere else. The structure shows some similarities to the fabulous Facebook.

Provides all the tools you need

You will find a wide variety of tools available to you in one simple platform.

Jaaxy is where you can research keywords to target in your niche and help in the creation of content. If you are not sure where to start there is a section within Jaaxy called “Alphabet Soup” which helps uncover millions of different keywords and niches people are already searching for. This tool is one of the most valuable to me, and Jaaxy helps me build out my  websites with content people really need and are currently looking for.

Site Content is a great section for all content creation. You will be able to easily transfer your articles seamlessly to your website(s). You have access to great pictures from multiple sites to provide pops of color to your writings. The grammar tool helps with making sure you don’t miss a mistake before publishing. There are also templates available for you to create through an effective guide.

You can start without being a major in English and make something valuable for people in a way they can understand.

You also can ask for site feedback and comments to help get traffic to your site and hear what people have to say. Feedback and comments are both very important because it allows you to see through different views on what does and does not work. Successful people are open to constructive criticism to help get the edge they need to excel.

Again, You always have an abundance of training to take your site to the next level or to just refresh on what you have already learned. There is a tab you can browse through categories or sessions, and there is always the quick search bar at the top.

Site Support is really great to have when things just are not running as smooth as they should. This is a tool available to you as well.

Monetizing your website

In one great place you also have access to affiliate programs, where you can partner with companies who produce a valuable product readers would need. You can search the different offers through a variety of different filters so the program aligns with your niche.

You will also learn how to simply Google search “your niche + affiliate programs” and find other ways to monetize your website.

There are more than 1 BILLION people searching for things on a daily basis and affiliate programs allow people, like you and I, to bring searchers closer to those products and services.

How Wealthy Affiliate works for you and I

I’m glad that I was able to share my views in the value of becoming part of the Wealthy Affiliate family. The community and training have the best value for the price, and you even have the ability to just start for FREE!

New people to building a business online find this valuable in the, “from scratch” step-by-step, process that has made the journey simplified. You will be able to progress much faster with all the  mentors available then tackling the elephant solo. There will be many more ways to do things online, and the advancing training will help you keep in touch with all the ways to go. Skills you learn along the way will become even more valuable and allow you to freelance in your spare time to make some extra cash.

Wealthy Affiliate has many perks that I really enjoy personally. The layout is similar to Facebook for me and I have not found it hard either to find what I am looking for or to get responses from people who have personally taken the journey before me and have become successful.

Nothing phenomenal comes fast and easy,  so with the challenges in owning your own business and the potential of website “real estate”, investing in Wealthy Affiliate has been the best decision for me and my journey.

I challenge you to see what it’s about, and you can start without any investment!

Best wishes in your journeys,


Founder of Affiliating Online

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