Facing Challenges- Nothing stopping me

Websites are a continuous climb. Initial progress is not apparent from where I stand, but looking behind shows how far I have come.

The time I’ve put into my goals have spanned day and night, so have I really minded? Absolutely not. I have found my bamboo plant to nurture for the next 5 years, so I can watch it sprout. You have to do it for yourself. Does the conversion mean more than the progress? Do you value things properly based on values you have set for yourself, or something else? Are you willing to stop complaining, and just CHOOSE to be apart of the success? Climbing a mountain causes the terrain to get steeper, where you feel every position is crucial, the air gets thinner, so you feel less quality –you have to learn to adapt (acclimate)-, and the tools you use to support yourself are all very important! You can’t expect to get far without proper preparation.

Best wishes in your climbs,


4 thoughts on “Facing Challenges- Nothing stopping me

  1. ‘You are unstoppable’ – that was a phrase that a property coach of mine used to holler. We all hollered back ‘I am unstoppable’. It’s a mindset thing. Believe it and you’re half way there. It does work too. Act like you’re already successful and the World treats you different. Tony Robbins said ‘To be successful, just copy someone who is already successful and you will be successful too’. Every mountain is climbable with the right gear and techniques.

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback!
      Yeah, every one has such great potential, and when challenged it’s amazing what we can do!

  2. I love what you are saying, it’s so true. Everything remains on you and only YOU! We have to work and dedicate ourselves to our future. Sometimes, it seems hard, but like you said we acclimate and we grow! It’s not complicated we just have to do it.

    I wish you great success in your journey, have fun.


    1. Thank you so much!
      Nothing worth doing comes easy, and it’s the journey on the way that makes it worth it all.
      I can’t believe how many different skills I’m learning along the way that will “allow me to fish”.
      I wish you the greatest as well!

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