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Hello, welcome to Affiliating Online. Here you will find my personal experiences through the online world. There are so many things out there, it actually gets confusing or its not legit. We’ve all been there, sifting shouldn’t be “the fun” part, but the actions and personal growth adventures should be. You can find throughout the website many things you can begin TODAY! Remember: “when there is a will, there is a way”. Working your own schedule and allowing yourself more freedom in time, money, and location is so life changing. I want that for everyone, they just need to start somewhere, here is a great place.

Ambitious Beginnings

I did the typical went to school, graduated, went for some more schooling, and finally going from job to job because nothing quite fit me. I used to think I was the problem, but recently I have found that working for “the boss” just was not my thing and that’s alright. My adventures online weren’t really going anywhere because I wasn’t motivated or encouraged enough to really do anything. I also did not have the knowledge to boost my confidence TO DO something different. Joining an online community has been so encouraging and rewarding for me, I couldn’t feel more blessed.

I started doing Online Book Arbitrage (reselling used textbooks) and that was my first step, and building websites is my second! The freedom I’m feeling has no bounds and I can creatively come up with new experiences to share.
The Online Arbitrage allowed me multiple ways to approaching making money online. I almost felt addicted to searching for new things, like really addicted (no food, no water, hardly slept, and when I did sleep I dream about it). I discovered accidentally that I LOVED IT, I WAS EXCITED! Reading, I found, on a blog about finding purpose, and the seven questions to ask yourself to narrow it down, and that was my “ah-ha” moment. Now I’m ambitious to try other business beginnings and pretty much chase that same high. I found my purpose, something that made me feel I was making a change, and training and perfecting my abilities in a new era- the technical era-.

To me, Life is all about experiences! The universe rewards actions, and I didn’t want to be stagnant at a single location job or living a certain way. This is my story I want to share in my own real estate in the digital space!

What’s the purpose?

I want to help people quickly access helpful resources to live the life they want to live. As students, we were taught to fall in line, learned the large separation with “authority”, and had a simple mindset to work forever as an employee. I say “No, there’s another way, stop making your boss richer.” I want people to learn they don’t have to be driven by fear. Money is great, but like I once was, fear of “not enough” or “losing it” was an unhealthy mindset. People can learn the resources available in this technical age, and take advantage of massive amounts of opportunities out there waiting!

What I aim for:

This site is my journey to no limits and, by example, show there is no limit to what can be accomplished. Only limits are the ones you set for yourself. Define what “wealth” means to you, that’s a great start. You shouldn’t have to have just one income stream, location locked, time restricted, or someone telling you when where and what you have to do. Freedom to be in your underwear and work from home IS POSSIBLE!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Founder of Affiliating Online

2 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Great request! I would love to share those with you! Found these on Google, sifting through.
      Now these questions are more “finding purpose” focused, which could easily translate into a niche.
      I personally journal about these questions every 3 months, like a self-reflection, checking-in.
      These questions out of the others, really resonated with me, hopefully they do the same for you.
      1. What’s your favorite flavor of shit sandwich and does it come with a bag of chips? What are you willing to deal with in your life that you find difficult, but something you’re passionate about when you are so focused that eating, drinking, and sleeping happen to hit the curb. You’re “I feel unstoppable” moment.
      2. What is true about yourself today, that would make your childhood self cry? Remember when you had that innocence in childhood where you didn’t really understand responsibility besides chores? You had dreams! What were you aspiring to do? For me, I enjoyed tape recording conversations with my sister, and we had our own “radio show”. I loved making collages, and dressing up in costumes and acting that I was a business woman managing 5 businesses, all with empty file folders, maybe SOME scribbles (I believed I was a doctor at the time, I guess, as well). I don;t do that anymore.
      3. What makes you forget to eat and poop? Something that you get so into, that when you check the time, your reaction could be a version of the following: “WoW! loooook at the tiiimee?!”, “Did I remember to eat today, my stomach just told me I haven’t”, “Just ONE more, although its 3am, just ONE, OH WAIT, ,that would be a great idea too.. No, No, there’s always later today”.
      4. How can you better embarrass yourself? I interpreted this as fears that I had, and how I could do them anyways, just so I could realize that I WOULD NOT die if I did it.
      5. How are you going to save the world? Think of a problem people have today, and find a solution for them.
      6. If you HAD to leave the house all day, everyday, where would go and what would you do?
      I really enjoy working from home, so this was more about where can I go to remotely work, or adventures I can experience and share with others. (Pretty much anywhere with WI-FI!)
      7. If you KNEW you were going to die a year from TODAY, What would you do and how would you want to be remembered?

      Please feel free to leave your response to these questions: Was it helpful? Which question inspired action within you?

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